Sunday, August 28, 2011

Working on for Monetizing the Blog or Site traffic effectively

In my previous post,  I had explained about  Earning  money from your website or Blog using Google AdSense.

Currently, I am using AdSense in almost all of our blogs and sites. It is giving moderate earnings. And, I am looking for some other ways to monetize our blogs/site traffic apart from using AdSense.

Since In-text ads won't require any additional space, I thought of putting In-Text ads in our sites and blogs. You might have seen many sites showing  links with dotted underlines or double underlines apart from regular links with single underline. They are called as In-Text ads.

I did lot of Google search and reading to find appropriate In-Text program. Finally I chose InfoLinks.
And, I applied with  InfoLinks for one of our Sites and it got approved in 2 days. After making sure that adding InfoLinks ads won't violate Terms and conditions of Google AdSense, I added the piece of javascript code for showing infolink ads. And, I applied with for showing In-Text Ads in few other sites also. (It seems we need to get approval for each site individually)

Most of the reviews and forum discussions say that AdSense income will not be affected by adding InfoLinks ads. But, one Flippa Auction listing person says that his AdSense income got reduced when he uses InfoLinks.

So, I would like to do more analysis before implementing InfoLinks ads in further sites. And, it seems InfoLinks eCPM will be low comparing to AdSense eCPM. If you are using InfoLinks and AdSense, you can share your experience thro' the comments.

Even if the In-Text ads won't require any additional space, they may irritate the users. So, I am thinking further options to monetize our sites traffic while giving good user experience.

 Right now, I am thinking about Commission Junction ( affiliate program, and I joined as publisher. Currently working on finding appropriate links to promote. And, it seems, CJ is not having paypal as payment option.

If you are using Commission Junction successfully, you can share your experience.

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