Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Remove Blogger Threaded Commenting - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

Blogger threaded commenting allows readers to reply to two types of comments; original comments and their replies. This means more discussions on a single topic and multiple people having back and forth discussions. This is indeed a marvelous feature of blogging but sometimes it can be a menace for the blogger.

The old style is better

There are many who still advocate the old style, and find it simpler and more convenient. They do so for the following reasons:
·        All readers can be answered with a single reply which helps keep things simple
·        Distinguishing between the comments of the author and the visitor can be done very easily
·        Since there are no additional scripts, this saves a lot of time
·        As a result of the simplicity and ease of understanding, the page reviews increase.

The blogger threaded comments face a couple of problems. For example when users click on the blog post link or heading, the control direct them to the blog post’s top instead of the commenting section i.e. the user is taken to the bottom of the page which is the comment box, as a result of this, ad sense revenue and page views are lost. So this problem needs to be addressed. Also it so happens that the user ends up giving reply to the same comments or repeated questions. This poses a lot of problem for the readers as they have to search the admin comments and are unable to find the answers already posted. So in order to resolve this problem, following is a means to remove blogger threaded commenting.
Means to reduce blogger threaded commenting
A simple method to reduce blogger threaded comments is to first
·        Go to blogger , then ‘design’ and after that ‘edit HTML’
·        Back up your template
·        Check the option that says Expand the Widget Templates
·        Then look for the setup code.
·        This problem can easily be then solved by changing that setup code and replacing it with another coded script. Remember that since the former code will be given two times in the blog so they both need to be replaced with the appropriate code.

·        Next step is to save the template and this process is done, furthermore the commenting area needs to be checked, it should appear in a commenting format that is normal.
 The simple solution to curb the problem of blogger threaded comments can be to keep visiting your blogs to check if things are back to normal or not. If the above procedure to curb blogger threaded comments is working properly then the page will not jump to comment box and posts will load in a normal fashion. Ad sense page impressions and page views will increase.
Another problem with blogger threaded comments
It so happens that when the blogger threaded comment feature has been enabled the user can view it in Internet Explorer 9 but not in the previous versions, this problem is being checked by the blogger engineers and soon they will be able to curb it.
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