Sunday, December 19, 2010

The best Christmas Gift for your Friends who do small business...

It is the appropriate time for choosing Christmas Gifts for  Friends and Family.

Almost all shopping websites such as eBay and Amazon are giving Offers and introducing various Gift ideas.

If you are still looking for an excellent Gift Idea you can read this post further.

Today I get a chance to read the Book "The Edge of Success" written by Clate Mask, Founder of infusionsoft.

Since his business is having more dealings with small businesses and start-ups, he is having clear understanding about the needs of small business.

 In this entire book, he is highlighting the need and importance of using appropriate Tools to succeed in small business.

He may be highlighting the need for the Tools to promote his email marketing Tools. But if we do more analysis we will agree that the appropriate Tools are really important for the success of any business especially small business.

So, referring/giving appropriate Tools will be the best Christmas Gift for your Friends and Family members who are doing or just started a small business.

But, giving THIS Gift is NOT easy. Because just giving any Tool  won't help.  The Gift Tool should be useful for your friend.

We will see thousands of Tools for small businesses if we do a search in Google. Most of them will be available for Free.

So, just giving or referring any Tool is not enough. You need to do lot of hard work to identify the appropriate tool.

For example, if you are going to refer our Time Sheet, just sending the link won't do any help. First, you need to start using  the Tool  yourself to evaluate it further.

And, you need to think about other factors such as any hidden cost, support and further enhancements also.

If you are not satisfied with particular Tool, start evaluating another one till getting appropriate Tool.

And, prepare a Gift email or mail with details about the Tool selected by you. And, include any relevant details.

If it is a Free Tool include the URL of  Download link, otherwise buy the Tool and send as attachment.

You can include our products also for the evaluation. Anyway you need not choose our products blindly. Because some other Tools may be more appropriate than ours. So, do complete analysis, select the appropriate Tool and send it to your friends who are doing small business.

I believe it will be more memorable than any Traditional Gifts.

Actually I got this idea after visiting Google's website "".

Google has created the website for sending useful videos to your parents. These videos explain about simple operations (e.g copy & paste, Bookmarking) in simple and easy to understand manner.

What do you think about giving Software Tools as Gift? Have you tried it previously? Share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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