Thursday, December 2, 2010

iPhone 4 Vs. Windows Phone 7

Find below the Guest Post written by  Thierry Godard.

The Age-Old Battle of Windows vs. Apple moves to the Smart-Phone Arena

The Apple iPhone has been the predominant smart-phone platform for the last three years. Rightfully so, as it provides an easy-to-use interface, a seemingly endless library of applications, and the much sought-after bling factor. But in the three years since its introduction, the iPhone has seen increasingly stiff competition from competitors like the RIM Blackberry, Google's Android, and now Windows Phone 7.

For small business owners who may have limited access to a computer, the iPhone has proven to be an invaluable addition to the entrepreneur’s arsenal. That was, until Windows 7 was launched as a strong competitor as an increasingly versatile and popular smart-phone.

It's difficult to say whether or not it was Microsoft's strategy to sit on the sidelines waiting for the smart-phone market to settle and then place its bets with Windows Phone 7.  Either way, it's clear that Microsoft has positioned itself as a much simpler, more streamlined alternative to the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones.

Windows Phone 7 pros:
  • Available now, locked and unlocked for most carriers
  • Supports GSM and CDMA
  • Syncs with Windows Live and Zune Net via wi-fi, eliminating the need to plug the phone into a computer for internet messaging capability
  • Supports tethering
  • It's been “jail-broken”: if you're an entrepreneur you probably like being able to customize and tailor things to your needs. The Windows Phone 7 allows individual configuration without the drastic consequences of customizing an iPhone (see below)
  • Physical keyboards may be easier to use than iPhone's for some users

Windows Phone 7 cons:
  • It is seriously lacking in the app department, despite rumors that Microsoft has put out big cash incentives for developers
  • No copy and paste function
  • Limited multitasking
  • Sub-par media player (Zune)
iPhone 4 pros:

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen and keyboard,
  • Close to 200,000 available apps
  • Supports tethering
  •   Syncs flawlessly with iTunes

iPhone 4 cons:
  • Only available on AT&T's crumbling wireless infrastructure until the end of the year
  • As an Apple product, it faces compatibility challenges with many PCs
  • You can only risk jail-breaking if you want to lose your warranty and be left with a $500 bill when something goes wrong
  • Touchscreen keyboard is unwieldy for some users

It's hard to discredit the Apple iPhone. It's a great product that is unfortunately hindered by the AT&T network.  On one hand, if you're the kind of entrepreneur who uses a smart-phone merely for web browsing, email and messaging, a Windows Phone 7 will more than likely suit your business needs. But let's face it, the real reason why most entrepreneurs buy a smart-phone is for the applications.

Increased productivity, seamless integration with PC software, banking and trading applications are what smart-phones are all about. Until the Windows Phone 7 application market takes off, it will be hard for anyone to seriously consider it a viable opponent to the iPhone 4.

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Unknown said...

Can someone please tell me why the AT&T network is soooo bad. I have had it for three years with no complaints. I came from Nextel so of course att is better.

Armil@att phone said...

Love the cellphone specs and the connection too. Thanks for sharing it to us.

Unknown said...

WP7 now does have copy paste just updgrade your device

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