Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get your Twitter Stats easily

Twitter is becoming a powerful marketing Tool now.

Our Twitter accounts are helping to increase traffic to our blogs and websites. So, we are planning to develop lot of useful Twitter applications based on our needs. And, we have already developed few twitter applications.

Today I am going to introduce one such application "Twitter Stats". You can refer the details here

This simple application will give the details about Followers count and Following count for a list of Twitter Accounts.

You can feed the Twitter Accounts list using a .csv file or you can enter it on the screen.

And, you can store the result as .csv file. You can use this application freely here.

You can contact me if you want to buy the script so that you can provide this service from your site itself.

It will be very useful if you outsource your social marketing. This tool can be used to measure the performance of the social media marketing team.

We are planning to improve it further by integrating this application with our Forum so that our Forum users can keep the Twitter accounts lists within our site itself. (i-e No need to upload the .csv file everytime) And, they can view the trends also.

As part of our TurnKey site development plan, we have completed one TurnKey site ( and it will be available for sales soon. Mostly I will be giving more details tomorrow. And, I will be starting the Auction process soon. I am planning to sell this domain/site to person/company who is willing to make this site as an important site for the artists especially for the people in Music Industry. If you are interested to buy this site you can contact me, or you can participate in the Auction.

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