Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quotes Widget for adding value to your web site and/or Blog.

Motivational Quotes are great way of sharing our wishes to our friends . Quotes from Great leaders are being seen as the Guidance from those leaders.

Search volume for the Keyword "Quotes" is very high. If you type "Q" in Google Search box, "Quotes" will be appearing at first in auto suggestion list.

So it is obvious that always there is lot of demand for showing motivationsl Quotes in website or blogs. But collecting good Quotes from millions of Quotes is a tedious task.

Our Quotes widget will be the appropriate solution for showing good Quotes without putting much effort.

We have released a Quotes Widget for showing Motivational Quotes in time-based rotation. This widget is having lot of other categories also apart from Motivational Quotes.

It is available in both Text format and Image format.

- Click here to get Image Widget
- Click here to get Text Widget

You can easily embed it in your Site or Blog. It will add value to your Site. Because many people are showing interest to see motivational Quotes.

You can adjust the Time Interval, Color and Size.

You can see the details here.

You can freely use this Widget. Only thing is, keep the link to our page.

I am planning to add new Quotes also. You can share some Good motivational Quotes thro' the comments.

And, we will be adding new Categories including latest News.

Find below the Text Quotes getting displayed using our Quotes Widget.

And, Find below the Image Quotes getting displayed using our Image Widget.

We have developed an Admin module for adding Categories and managing Quotes.
It includes Image upload option also.

If you want to have similar application, you can contact us. We can develop it for a reasonable price.

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