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Javascript Quiz Questions - Part 2

Find below newly added javascripts questions in our Quiz.
1)Choose the built-in object:
a) Password
b) Math
c) Link
d) Hidden
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2)Choose the object(s) associated with the onMouseOut event handler:
a) Layer
b) Window
c) Both
d) Neither
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3)Which is not a package of the Java class hierarchy available in Navigator?
a) netscape
b) javasoft
c) sun
d) java
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4)You unsuccessfully use navigator.preferences() to alter browser preferences. How come?
a) You're using export instead of import.
b) You're using import instead of export.
c) That's the wrong method.
d) You're not using a signed script.
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5)Choose the object(s) associated with the onFocus event handler:
a) Password
b) Hidden
c) Both
d) Neither
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6)How do you delete a cookie?
a) You can't. They're valid until they expire.
b) Overwrite it with an expiry date in the past.
c) escape() the value of the path attribute.
d) unescape() the value of the path attribute.
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7)Choose the object(s) associated with the onKeyPress event handler:
a) Document
b) Layer
c) Both
d) Neither
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8)Choose the best pattern for the string: 840-21-3688
a) /\d+-\d{2,}-?\d*/
b) /\w+-\w+-\w+/
c) /\d+\d+\d+/
d) /\d+-\d?-\d+/
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9)How would you add a property to an object class?
a) With the prototype() method.
b) With the prototype property.
c) Sorry. Can't be done.
d) With the this object.
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10)What's the default setting for the expires attribute of the document.cookie property?
a) The duration of the browser session.
b) The duration the current document stays loaded.
c) Twenty-four hours from the time the cookie is set.
d) There is no default setting.
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11)Which best describes JavaScript?
a) a low-level programming language.
b) a scripting language precompiled in the browser.
c) a compiled scripting language.
d) an object-oriented scripting language.
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12)After clicking on a link, your main browser window spawns a small new window and writes some text to it. However, when viewing both window page sources, the small window page source is identical to that of the large. How can this be?
a) The function writing to the new window didn't close the document stream.
b) Gimme a break. It'd never happen.
c) Windows receive the source code of the window that wrote to them.
d) Since the new window has no filename, it receives the source code of its parent.
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13) Which would JavaScript assign to an uninitialized variable?
a) NaN
b) null
c) undefined
d) false
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14)How would you randomly choose an element from an array named myStuff if the number of elements changes dynamically?
a) randomElement = myStuff[Math.floor(Math.random() * myStuff.length)];
b) randomElement = myStuff[Math.ceil(Math.random() * myStuff.length)];
c) randomElement = myStuff[Math.random(myStuff.length)];
d) randomElement = Math.random(myStuff.length);
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15)What's the default string passed to
a) application/pdf
b) image/gif
c) text/html
d) text/plain
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16)Which would JavaScript assign to an uninitialized array element?
a) NaN
b) null
c) undefined
d) false
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17)Select the property that doesn't hold a Boolean value:
a) mimeType.enabledPlugin
b) option.defaultSelected
c) form.reset.enabled
d) image.complete
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18)With the advent of JavaScript1.2, the String.replace() method facilitates character replacement in strings. How would you remove every 'x' from the variable myString without the new features of 1.2?
a) for(var i = 0; i < myString.length; i++) { if(myString.charAt(i) != 'x') { myStringCopy += myString.charAt(i); } } myString = myStringCopy;
b) var myArray = myString.split('x'); myString = myArray.join('');
c) It wasn't possible until now. Thanks JavaScript1.2!
d) The first two both work fine.
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19)You've embedded the document.write() method to write some text within a pair of <td></td> table tags. Upon loading the file, however, you get some garbled junk on the page where that text should be. What browser are you most likely using?
a) MSIE 2.x
b) Netscape Navigator 3.x
c) Netscape Navigator 4 beta 2
d) MSIE 3.02
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20)Which is not considered a JavaScript operator?
a) new
b) this
c) delete
d) typeof
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21)What's wrong with this: var charConvert = toCharCode('x');
a) toCharCode() is a bogus method.
b) Nothing. I use it all the time.
c) toCharCode accepts only numbers.
d) toCharCode takes no arguments.
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22)Choose the object(s) associated with the onUnLoad event handler:
a) Window
b) Layer
c) Both
d) Neither
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23)Which is not a built-in function?
a) parseInt()
b) exec()
c) eval()
d) parseFloat()
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24)Choose the object(s) associated with the onBlur event handler:
a) Image
b) Document
c) Both
d) Neither
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25)Seek the truth about setTimeOut():
a) The statement(s) it executes run(s) only once.
b) It pauses the script in which it is called.
c) clearTimeOut() won't stop its execution.
d) The delay is measured in hundredths of a second.
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26)What happens to cookies.txt data if the file exceeds the maximum size?
a) Your script automatically generates a run-time error.
b) Your script automatically generates a load-time error.
c) All processes using document.cookie are ignored.
d) The file is truncated to the maximum length.
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27)Consider an HTML form with a checkbox and a text field. When data is entered and the return key is pressed, the data seems to be lost before the user can click on the button that calls the processing function. How do you correct this?
a) Add a TYPE=HIDDEN INPUT to the form
b) Trap the return keypress and return (null)
c) Add 'return false' to onsubmit="..." in the FORM tag
d) Instruct the user not to press the Return key.
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28)What allows JavaScript to access methods and properties of a Java applet?
a) The Java console
b) LiveConnect
c) LiveWire
d) LiveWire Pro
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29)Choose the read-only property:
a) images[index].src
b) layers[index].right
c) layers[index].parentLayer
d) links[index].target
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30)Choose the built-in JavaScript object:
a) Image
b) mimeTye
c) Password
d) Area
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31)Which cookies.txt filesize is too large?
a) 1k
b) 3k
c) 5k
d) There is no theoretical limit.
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32)Which property returns the number of arguments expected by a function?
a) arguments.length
b) Function.caller
c) Function.display
d) Function.arity
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33)What HTML attribute allows a Java applet explicit permission to access JavaScript objects and functions?
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34)Choose the external object:
a) Date
b) Option
c) Layer
d) Checkbox
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35)Choose another way to write x ? a = b : a = c
a) if ('x') { a = b; } else { a = c; }
b) if (x) { a = c; } else { a = b; }
c) x : a = c ? a = b
d) All of these are bogus.
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36)Choose the object(s) associated with the onUnLoad event handler:
a) Window
b) Layer
c) Both
d) Neither
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37)navigator.platform indicates 'Win16', but you are running Win NT. What gives
a) Impossible. This is a sick joke.
b) The userAgent property reflects the correct OS.
c) The property can be modified.
d) navigator.platform shows the OS for which the browser was compiled.
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(1) b  (2) a  (3) b  (4) d  (5) a  (6) b  (7) a  (8) a  (9) b  (10) a 
(11) d  (12) a  (13) c  (14) a  (15) c  (16) b  (17) a  (18) d  (19) b  (20) b 
(21) a  (22) a  (23) b  (24) d  (25) a  (26) d  (27) c  (28) b  (29) c  (30) a 
(31) c  (32) d  (33) a  (34) d  (35) d  (36) a  (37) d 
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