Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Freelancer.com acquires LimeExchange

Freelancer.com is going to acquire LimeExchange. You can see more details here.

Freelancer.com is the leading online Marklet place for outsourcing Software and Web development tasks.

It is growing very rapidly. Few months back it had changed its name from GAF(GetAFreelancer) into Freelancer.com. And, recently it had acquired "FreeMarket".

Interestingly Freelancer.com overtakes many old freelance sites.

For example, vWorker which is another freelance site is struggling lot due to its poor arbitration processes.

Freelancer.com is growing very fast even when it was started few years after the starting of vWorker (Previously known as RAC (RentACoder))

So, it looks like Freelancer.com is comparatively better than other freelance sites. If you have any other opinion, you can share your experience/thoughts thro' the comments.

I am just thinking about why lot of people are joining the freelance sites.

At first thought, the primary reason may be the inefficiency of search engines. Today's search engines including Google are NOT effective. It is TRUE even when Google is working hard and smart to enhance its search engine day by day.

For example, I am seeing many people asking the service providers for developing Quiz program. The same Quiz program can be purchased from our site just by paying $15. But, still they are spending more money to get their Quiz program.

So, I am thinking about Future Search engines which can act smart to handle these things. I will be writing a detailed blog post about the future Search engines.
And, once after completing our Twitter Tools developments, we may concentrate on analysing/developing future Search Engine.

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