Monday, December 27, 2010

Released "Auto Tweet" feature in our Twitter Application

We have released "Auto Tweet" feature in our Twitter Application.

You can use it here (You need to login with QualityPoint Account for using this Link)

This "Auto Tweet" will be very useful for managing your social media marketing. You can add all your tweets in this application.
This Tool will automatically send the tweets to your Twitter accounts based on your settings (i-e Time duration and list of Twitter Accounts)

You can easily change the association between your stored tweets and Twitter Accounts at any time.

And, you can activate and deactivate the Twitter accounts as well as individual Tweets.

URL Shortening is built-in with the Tool.

This Tool can be used for doing any affiliate marketing also. I would like to recommend our Affiliates to use this Tool. If you are new to our affiliate program, you start earning money by joining here.

This new feature is integrated with our existing Twitter Application "MultiPost".

Refer the AutoTweet help file for more details.

As of now, everyone can use this Tool in our site freely. (It may change based on our server load due to usage of this Tool. Anyway if you join during this Free scheme, you can use it free forever. This is the EarlyBird Advantage.)

And, we won't allow anyone to use our Twitter application to send Spam contents.

Our Application will not allow you to set the auto tweet less than 30 minutes gap.

Refer guidelines of Twitter to keep your Twitter account not getting filtered from Twitter search.

If you want to have your own Script, contact me to buy this script.

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