Wednesday, March 30, 2011

China may block Google Maps also.

It seems Google has not yet applied for the necessary state license to operate its online mapping service in China.

China's State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping said that as of March 28, it has not received an application from Google. The bureau has said that companies operating an online mapping service without a license will be exposed to the public after the March 31 deadline.

The bureau will investigate and prosecute the companies which fail to get license on July 1st.
China used to block websites that do not conform to regulation.

Two Google products, YouTube and Blogger, are already blocked by the Chinese government, and Gmail is also facing issues in China. And, Social networking sites and Facebook and Twitter also blocked in China.

Chinese Media started calling Google as “a tool of U.S. expansionism and hegemony,” But Google has informed that the US Government is not involving in Google's operation. “Contrary to assertions made by the Chinese media, every decision we have made regarding China has been made by Google alone,” Googe said in an email sent to Bloomberg.

China introduced the new mapping regulations last year for preventing the Online Maps revealing national security information. And, to get a license companies must store all mapping data in servers located in China.

“We are examining the regulations to understand their impact on our maps products in China,” Google said in a statement.

Beyond Google’s own history of conflict with China’s censors, the company is now also being seen as a greater threat to the government in light of popular unrest throughout North Africa and the Middle East that has already brought down regimes in Tunisia and Egypt.

And recently Chinese Internet portal operator Sina Corp. has dropped search service from its website and is now using its own search technology.

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Anonymous said...

Blocking of Google Earth is pretty bad at the moment. Sometimes they just block the SEARCH option - which renders G.E. as good as useless anyway, and somedays they just block all data to and from the Google Earth servers.

It is quite pedantic really, these fat, corrupt phonies, they behave more like a foreign occupying army than Chinese citizens !

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