Monday, March 21, 2011 - India's best Blog Directory for Indian Bloggers is the growing blog directory for finding Indian Blogs and meeting Indian Bloggers.

Indiblogger is having lot of active Blogs listed in various categories such as Computers& IT, Business, Nation & Politics, Science, Social, LifeStyle, Entertainment, Sports, and Personal.

Apart from these categories, the blogs are categorized based on Language also. We can see blogs listed in Indian languages such as Tamil and Hindi. And they are categorized based on cities (e.g Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi) also.

Interestingly, they include any blog into their directory only after manually checking them to make sure that the blogs meet their Guidelines which are focusing on allowing only the Quality Blogs suitable for Indian culture.

I haven't seen any other directory manually doing these kind of checking for adding blogs. You may share it thro' the comments if you know any other similar directory for Indian blogs.

Similar to any social bookmarking site, IndiBlogger is also having various features such as sorting it based on recentness or based on Quality (They call it as IndiRank)

But unlike other social bookmarking sites, only the blog owner can submit his blog into the IndiBlogger Directory. And, they can submit only the home page of the blog.

If they want to submit the individual post, they need to do it at IndiVine. And, we can submit only 2 posts per 24 hours.

Indian bloggers judge the quality of the blog based on IndiRank of the blog. IndiRank is calculated based on various factors such as Google page rank, Alexa rank, blog updating frequency, etc.

We can see the list of blogs sorted based on indiRank under various categories and locations.

Bloggers in this IndiBlogger network can establish mutual connections and they can use indiMail once after establishing mutual connection.

And, bloggers in this indiBlogger network organize meeting themselves. They meet in various cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, pune, Mumabi, etc. Even they organized meets in outside India (e.g Singapore, Dubai) also. They used to get sponsors for these meets.

And, IndiBlogger organizes many Contests (Recently they changed it as Drives) also.

IndiBlogger Forum is used by the bloggers to share their knowledge and mutual review of blogs is the useful feature of this network.

And, they show the latest tweets about them as IndiStream.

Sometimes I used to see some error messages while browsing indiBlogger. I think now they resolved those issues and the stability is improved further.

IndiBlogger was founded by Renie, an Indian Entrepreneur in 2007 with the slogan "We Blog, Therefore We Are"

You can follow @IndiBlogger to get the latest updates about

According to ComScore, social networking is growing in India. As of now is the only notable Indian Social networking site in India.

Let us see whether grows as Indian Social networking site from current status of a blog directory and blogger network.

I believe it is having the potential to grow as the Social networking site, because it was able to get Google Page Rank 5 and Alexa Rank 8K within few years of founding. Or, they can continue to grow in their own path of being a best blogger network.

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Aniket said...

Yes, indiblogger does offline meets also. But there are more like, seems you have not seen them as yet. Good for indian bloggers.

Hemal said...

@Aniket BlogAdda has other things to offer where its more author based however IndiBlogger is open..

@QP There is lot more to IndiBlogger than meets the eye ;)

Renie Ravin said...

Thanks for the detailed review on IndiBlogger - much appreciated! :-)

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