Monday, February 28, 2011

Removed some least used components to improve page loading speed of the blog

We know that page loading speed is one of the SEO factors which affects the ranking in Search Engines results.

I have noticed in Google Webmaster Tools that this blog is loading slow.

Since major part of the traffic for this blog is coming from search engines especially from Google, I had decided to improve the page loading speed even by removing some useful components.

And therefore I removed some components which are used very rarely used or not much useful.

For example, I had removed javascript code of syntax highlighter, google wave samples, project wonderful ads, google friend connect widget, our own javascript based ads, some share buttons, related content code, javascript based News and few other least used things.

Now, I hope the blog will be getting loaded faster. Still some components (e.g LinkWithin) are taking more time to load. But they are being used by many people. So, I am keeping them.

Let me know if you  see any error or any other issue after this change. And, let me know if you have any other suggestion to improve the page loading speed. Tools will be useful for getting details about loading of each component in any particular web page.

And, we can use page speed firefox add-on for developing the webpage to loader faster.  page speed can be downloaded from Google's web master tools.

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