Friday, June 3, 2011

Depositing Amazon check in India Banks and my bad experience with ICICI bank Chennai Adambakkam Branch

We are selling my QTP and Software Testing eBook thro' Amazon Kindle also.

Amazon used to send the payment to India users thro' check only.  And,  till now it is sending the check in US dollars only.

I didn't find any option to change the currency to INR.  Encashing this Amazon check used to take around 1 month time, while Google AdSense check will be credited within 2 days as they used to send the check in INR.

Recently I faced some difficulty in depositing the Amazon check. I approached a local bank (ICICI bank) for depositing the Amazon check. The ICICI bank person in particular branch (Chennai Adambakkam) refused to take this check by saying that my name in the check is having expansion for the initial (i-e father name) whereas my account name is just having initial. I will be happy if she is taking necessary steps to prevent any frauds. But she refused to accept the check even after I showed her my driving license which carry my name with my father name. Even I asked her to check the address printed in the check and the address in my bank account. But she didn't care about it. And, I asked her to refer the previous transaction history as I deposited similar Amazon check few times in the same bank account thro' the Adambakkam branch itself. But She was telling the same thing again and again without listening my words. So, I thought having discussion with her will waste my time instead of solving the issue. Therefore, I just left the Adambakkam branch and deposited the check in the another ICICI bank branch (Chennai velacherry) which accepts the check without any issues.

I was surprised to know that even the private banks such as ICICI banks are also having irresponsible employees such as the one I specified in the chennai Adambakkam branch.

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Anonymous said...


i recently started promoting amazon products on my autoblogs and had some success. As i am also from india i wanted to know that when will amazon send checks to me ?

Will it send checks to me in the same month when I cross $100 or do i have to initiate the process and take some steps or is it automatic ?

Also if i want to convert the money into amazon gift vouchers and buy stuff from how much tax will be levied ? all the products are elctroni products such as cameras and laptops and accessories..

thanks for your time and consideration.

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