Sunday, October 25, 2009

Got Invitation for Google Wave

Today I got invitation for using Google Wave..

I am exploring the features of Google wave. I will write about my Google wave experience later.

Actually, I had applied for Google Wave invitation 4 months back itself (At the end of May month). Now only I got the invitation.

It seems Google wave invitation is in High Demand.

I came to know that even people are selling the invitation for 70$.

I can send 20 invitations. But, according to Google "Invitations will not be sent immediately"

I have planned to use these invitations for our blog readers.
So, if you really want to use/explore Google Wave, let me know thro' comment section. Before requesting Google Wave, better you can read about Google Wave.

It will be nice if you write feedback/review (both positives and short-comings) about our Google Wave article or about our blog/website/knol/quiz/news along with your request for the Google Wave invitation.

And you can request an invitation for Wave from Google.

You can follow @googlewave to get updates from Google Wave Team.

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Anonymous said...

great blog!
plese send an invite to chagresblogger (at) gmail dot com

Bart said...

Google Wave could be a nice tool for the team work I have to do with my fellow students. There are lots of programming projects I have to do (computer science study), and it's really difficult to find the latest code. With Google Wave, this could be solved.

If you want to send me an invite: icehat [at] telenet [dot] be

Thanks :)

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

I had sent invitation (nomination) to chagresblogger (at) gmail dot com


Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

I had sent invitation (nomination) to icehat [at] telenet [dot] be also. Now I am having only 17 invitations left.

Google is saying that it won't send the invitations immediately.
So, you can share the information about how many days Google is taking to send the information. (i-e let me know when you are getting the invitation from Google)


Anonymous said...

I would love to try Google wave please! Thank you in advance :)

er.yanbing [at]

Sergey said...

Wow! Great news in the blog!
Can I please get my invitation too?
sergeypust (at) gmail dot com

RadhaKrishna said...

Could you send an invitation to me too? My id is radhakrishna dot sharma (at) gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

I'd love an invite sent to attrition.h [@at] gmail dot com

I have high hopes that this platform will help with project workflow between multiple people.

I've read this blog for a little while. Thank you for posting.

Unknown said...

I plan on doing bachelor's thesis next semester on web application extensibility and Google Wave's extensions (robots, gadgets) would be a very interesting subject to explore, code and write about. I would really appreciate an invitation :)

My email is saulius.grigaliunas [at]

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

how generous! Can I have an invite at eggshen at gmail dotcom

Unknown said...


I'd love one as well..

miguelvps (at) gmail [dot] com

Moca said...

Could you please send an invitation to alex.moca [@t] gmail [dot] com?

I kindly appreciate your effort, thank you!

AdulteratedJedi said...

I have been looking forward to google wave since I first saw the video, I can see it proving my workflow dealing with clients, as well as friends on projects we collaborate.

Being a developer I have 7 or 8 ideas for robots, but as yet unable to develop them a I still have no invitation. If you would :-)

JasonZX12R said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your invites. I have been following Google Wave for some time and I'm very interested in trying it out.

If you'd be so kind, please send an invite to woogley [at] gmail dot com

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, please send an invite to

Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

cool blog, please send a invite to

thank you

Godwin said...


Please send an invite to

Gwin390(at)gmail dot com

Awesome blog and i dugg you digg :)

Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Good day Rajamanickam,

I love reading this blog. I too have been trying to get an invite for Google Wave since May.

Please send me an invite... I will be forever indebted to you.

tightgrapes at gmail dot com

Thank you!!

Josh said...

Google Wave is a advancement in the field of communication. It will allow me to aggregate many tools into the conversation "wave" - including maps, translation service, and photos, just to name a few. I'd like to be able to communicate with my friends clearly and in a concise manner some of the subtle points of what I'm talking about in the conversation.

If you are able to send me an invite, it's: joshshb (at] gmail [dot) com

Thanks very much in advance!

HeartBraden said...

Please send an invite to heartbraden (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for your blog! There are some useful info there for me specially for javascript right now...

I'm tired of waiting for google to send me an invite and I want to play with wave specially to see what the fuss is all about!

Please send me an invite at sineer [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks in advance :-)



Unknown said...


I wanna test wave for my work, to see if is really good for work.

Thanks if you can share it with me.


DmytroZ said...

Rajamanickam, please send an invite to me also.
I’ll be very grateful.

dzhariy (a t)

DmytroZ said...

Rajamanickam, please send an invite to me also.
I’ll be very grateful.

dzhariy (a t)

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you please send me an invitation to

Unknown said...

Hey, love the blog/website you got going. I scan through it every day. If you have any more google wave invites I would love one!!

Matt L said...

Just started reading your blog. Really good stuf. I'd love an invite if you've an extra.

leisinmr (at) gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I really liked your article. It had nice and structure and the overall site is fabulous. If you could send me an invite at ivan (at) ipowerstrategy (dot) com
it would be appreciated! :)

Unknown said...

I would much appreciate an invite. Thanks.

Hash said...

Can you plz send an invite to hashname [at]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note! Glad to see that Google is still sending out invites:) If you are able to send me one of your invites i would GREATLy APPRECIATE THAT! Email is

Have a great day!
J Akers

Rohit Arondekar said...


hit me with an invite on rohit.arondekar[at]gmail[dot]com

thanks in advance :)

Unknown said...

plese please send an invite to vishal.malu (at) gmail dot com

moracpet said...

plese send an invite to,thanks

Anonymous said...

Could you please send me an invite (

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

I had sent invitation to

Now I am having only 16 invitations left. But received more than 30 requests.
So I have to do more analysis for each request so that only our blog readers and Google Wave fans are getting the invitations.


Fredrik said...

This blog has been my fav for years :)

Please send me an invite...

fredrik.nohrborg (at)

Cheers //Fred

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

After reviewing the requests, I am planning to send remaining invitations to below emailids.
But, I would like to get confirmation/acknowledgment from these emailids to know that they are readers of this blog.

saulius.grigaliunas [at]
attrition.h [@at] gmail dot com
woogley [at] gmail dot com
Gwin390(at)gmail dot com
tightgrapes at gmail dot com
joshshb (at] gmail [dot) com
sineer [at] gmail [dot] com
ivan (at) ipowerstrategy (dot) com


Josh said...

I have only recently started reading your blog - some of the content is interesting, especially the Google Holiday logos. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading your future posts!

Unknown said...

I discovered your blog through reddit and started reading it just recently. There are plenty of interesting technical articles and tips for me, a student who studies software engineering. I found articles on web most useful for me.

Keep up the good work,
saulius.grigaliunas [at]

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am ivan (at) ipowerstrategy (dot) com. I was just wishing to know what you meant by acknowledgment from the user. If you meant to send you an e-mail from our e-mail address that would be no problem, only that I could not find your e-mail anywhere on your website. If you just wished to receive confirmation through the comments, then this is my confirmation to you. Keep up the great work! ;)

Infinite Education said...

hello bro,
i start reading your blog, i want to be your regular reader but can you give me one wave account.

advanced thanks.
my email is, kayesmahmud (at) gmail do com

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

I have nominated below emails based on their confirmation.

ivan (at) ipowerstrategy (dot) com
saulius.grigaliunas [at]

14 invitations are remaining now. Working on to choose emailids (requests) that are really requiring Google Wave now.


Josh said...

Just left a comment acknowledging your comment. Maybe you may have missed it - my email address is joshshb (at] gmail [dot) com.

Keep up the great work - I enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I would love an invite. I shall follow on twitter too if I receive one. My address is:

jsf132 [at]

AllNaturalSista said...

I would love to have an invite to google wave. I currently use google apps on my servers for mail,calendar, and contacts. This would be an awesome tool for my team to use. I run a natural hair and lifestyle magazine that has users and authors from all over the country and now international locations as well. My email is napturalroots (at) gmail dot com

carly said...

great blog!!! I would really like a google wave invite! I've been searching high and low for one - end my search! :)

icarly (at) gmail dot com

Anubhav said...


This blog is amazing and has always provided the best information. Google wave would help a lot for my team as I could collaborate with them in real time. I love the quick updates that you have on Google and the news you have on javascript. Please send an invite to :
I might not be able to check back and respond quickly, so please send me an invite. I am a great fan of your blog !


SolMerc said...

Just stumbled upon your site and seems like an interesting blog. I've been very interested by Google Wave and wouldn't mind an invite! lol
Please send to sestilionator (at)

Unknown said...

it's awesome that you are sharing :) This is the essence of GWave and the whole www :)
I'll appreciate it if you can spare me one invite as well, your blog is bookmarked!


Billy Huston said...

You are a gentleman and a scholar for being willing to share. If you still have any to give it would be greatly appreciates. Great blog by the way.

hustonfamily4 (at) gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Well, it would be nice if I could share google wave invitations for my friends, coworkers and teachers ^^
Thanks you

kagekyio [at]

dd said...

I would appreciate an invite and would also promise to distribute half of the invites to unknown people just like you are doing.

my email

Mike said...

Sounds like a really interesting tool. I would like an invite, please.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

I had sent invitation (nomination) for below email ids.

joshshb (at] gmail [dot) com.
napturalroots (at) gmail dot com
icarly (at) gmail dot com
sestilionator (at)

Only 7 invitations left now.

I got invitation for our office email id also. But this one is not having any option for inviting others.


abhishekp said...

Hello Friend
would you be kind enough to send me a google wave invite to me...

abhshk at gmail

Unknown said...

I want to make my friends jealous. :)

I actually am looking to try this out for online RPG use. My friends and I are spread out over multiple states and it makes it very difficult to get together to game.

SolMerc said...

You had said to leave info as to when invite arrived. Invite has still not arrived yet. Maybe it takes one full week?

Ronald Borman said...

If you still have invites for Google Wave left, I would be grateful if you could nominate me, ronald [dot) borman (at] gmail [dot) com.

I would like to find out if Google Wave is (or could be) a viable alternative for Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration platform. Several SharePoint oriented shops are challenging this claim (but without much comparison).

rame20002007 said...

I would love to have a Google Wave Invitation. Please send me one.

Josh said...

Just got your invite. Thank you very much. What is your wave account address? I would like to add you in my contacts list on Wave.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

Thanks for the information. My Google Wave id is


adotify said...

If you have any wave invitations left, one would be much appreciated.. :-D


Anonymous said...

If u hav Wave invitation left, please drop 1 to my box

If u want to change with Voice invitation, I hav 2 left in my account

raju said...

google ready to send 1 million invites soon worry not for invitation

Unknown said...

Could you send an invitation to me too? My id is

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