Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Tool for sending tweets to multiple twitter accounts easily

In my previous post, I had announced about our "Twitter Stats" tool.

We have released another simple Twitter related Tool "MultiPost".

You can access it here

Using this Tool you can easily send the tweets to multiple desired twitter accounts.

Url shortening is integrated with this Tool. And you need not enter your Twitter username and password in our site. It uses Twitter OAuth authentication approach. So, you can safely use this tool.

We are planning to improve this tool further by adding more social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn in addition to the Twitter. And, we are working on to provide bookmarklet for using this tool.

You can use it free in our site.

It will be useful for doing your online marketing easily and it will save time.

If you want to have your own implementation in your site, you can contact me for buying the code.

And, we have developed an another Twitter tool for managing auto tweets effectively.

Currently we are using it to promote our own sites and blogs. It shows good improvement in the traffic.

I will be posting more details about this Autotweet management tool within few days.

I will be keeping this Autotweet manager as free or paid service based on our server load. Anyway, it will be free for first few persons. So, you can subscribe to our blog posts to know the release of our Autotweet management tool.

Anyway, anyone can buy it for using it in their own server.

Updates on December 15

We have released the Bookmarklet for using this tool easily.

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Anonymous said...

You should just use MarketMe suite.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

Jay Philips,
Why do you want to pay for a service which is available for free in our site?

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