Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oracle ThinkQuest Winners

Oracle Education Foundation  has announced the Winners of the 2011  ThinkQuest International Competition.

You can see the Winners list here.

Oracle ThinkQuest is an online learning platform that helps students develop important 21st century skills, including communication, critical thinking, and technology skills. ThinkQuest is run by the Oracle Education Foundation (OEF) which  is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle Corporation.

An Indonesia Students Team (Genta, Ika, Ida) got the first prize. The prize will include Laptop computer with approximate retail value of $1,500 USD, a trip to ThinkQuest Live and $5,000 USD School Award.

The first prize site is about "Algae's Power Cycle - Transform Nothing into Wealth".

Two of the world's major problems, fuel shortages and pollution, can be tackled using photosynthetic organisms called algae. This team conducted research on how algae can be converted into bio-Ethanol for energy usage while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

You can get more details here.

The Second prize winners also from Indonesia. It is about "Make Plastics and Papers Become the Earth's Friends!".

India Students got third prize for the site "Self Belief KVSII"

Low self-esteem and lack of motivation are challenges many adolescents face. This project helps teens to develop the skills that underlie a positive self image such as the power of positive thinking, health strategies for coping with stress, and how to persevere toward a goal.

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