Monday, July 11, 2011

The First Google eBooks-integrated e-reader "iriver Story HD e-reader " will be available on July 17th in Target Stores.

 Google has announced that starting this coming Sunday, July 17, the iriver Story HD e-reader will be available for sale in Target stores nationwide and on

The iriver Story HD is the first e-reader integrated with the open Google eBooks platform, through which you can buy and read Google eBooks over Wi-Fi.

 The iriver Story HD  is slim and lightweight with a high-resolution e-ink screen and a QWERTY keyboard for easy searching. The retail price is $139.99.

iriver becomes the first manufacturer to launch an e-reader integrated with Google eBooks.

iriver Story HD features

  •     At 7.3 ounces, the iriver Story HD is the lightest e-reader of its class
  •     With 63.8 percent more pixels than other e-readers, the worlds first six-inch XGA (768x1024) E-Ink display offers revolutionary legibility
  •     An advanced Cortex A8 chipset which provides high performance and fast response
  •     A superior battery life enables users to select 14,000 of its non-glare pages, or simply keep the device on standby for up to six weeks, all on a single charge
  •     Access to the Google eBookstore gives users unmatched access to millions of books, all easily and conveniently stored in an unlimited digital cloud
  •     Sideloading of personal documents via the SD card slot or by USB 2.0 allows users to supplement their cloud libraries with additional books and documents
  •     The slim and lightweight e-reader features irivers sleek, signature style, a QWERTY keypad, and a curve with two-tone colors at the front and back for easy grip and slim design says,

The iRiver Story HD is reminiscent of the pre-Nexus days of Android, almost like a Motorola Droid-esque dip into offering good and official hardware for Google software.We're not sure if Google has deeper plans to stick it to the likes of Amazon and Barnes and Noble but Google is telling everyone to stay tuned for more Google eBooks-integrated devices
iriver is a global IT device powerhouse founded in 1999.  iriver has become renowned for its product innovation, style-driven technology, and track record of market dominance. After producing many award-winning Portable Media devices, the company diversified its categories to include e-reader, Tablet PC, VoIP Phone, and more. Iriver is making its presence felt in the European e-reader market, including the U.K., Germany and Russia, as well as China. The company recently established a joint venture named L&I (L&I Electronic Technology Limited) with LG Display  to reach new ground in the global e-reader market.

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