Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Will there be any Secrets to be successful in using Flippa for selling websites?

Today I get a chance to read an article/advertisement from John Chow.

His Article asks his blog readers to buy a book by paying $67.

This book is about the secretes of making huge money by buying/selling websites using Flippa.

After reading this Article, I had sent below email message to John Chow and still waiting to receive his reply.

John Chow,

I don't think there will be any secret for selling websites at good price in Flippa.

I believe all the resources freely available in internet forums/blogs will tell more than any secret books.

I am having a PR3 keyword rich domain "". How much I can expect if I sell it thro' Flippa? (I think, Flippa buyers will be willing to pay less than $25 USD only, as this new site is not getting any traffic/revenue.) So, I am approaching other Christmas related business people thro' our email marketing tool to sell this site at reasonable price.

And, few days back I had listed a PR2 site  in Flippa. But till now this auction didn't receive any bid.

So, I don't think Flippa is worth for all type of sites.

And, therefore this book is JUST an attempt to get money from the book buyers. I don't think it will give any real benefit to them.

QualityPoint Technologies.

Few months back I had published a post about "Be aware of the people who spread false message about online business to earn money by selling secrets (which are actually not secrets)"

Do you agree with me? Or, you still believe that you can buy secrets for making money online? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

And, I wondering why these guys (e.g John Chow, team) are trying to earn money by doing these things (i-e misguiding their loyal readers) while they have opportunity to earn money by showing ads on their blogs/sites.


I got below reply from John Chow.
If you don't think it will provide any real benefits, then don't buy it and you'll never know. Or you can buy it and read it. Then if you still conclude that it has no benefits, then get a full refund with no questions asked. You have 60 days to do so.

And, I had sent below reply.
Thanks for your reply.
I won't agree your words "...don't buy it and you'll never know". I strongly believe that internet is having lot of useful free resources. Anyone can learn it even without buying these kind of books.  I am not sure about your information sharing policy. You may be having the policy of giving useless information in  website freely and give useful information as secrets thro' costly books.

But, I know about lot of other people who  share valuable information publicly on their websites freely. I too freely share the information about my Software Testing ebook  in my blog. And, I had given my blog URL in the ebook sales page itself. i-e The user will be having the option to buy as ebook or freely read it in blog. I believe lot of people are following this approach only. It seems mostly the people who are trying to give "online money making secrets" alone NOT keeping their content in their websites. Because, actually there won't be any secrets at all. I agree that you will be giving back the money. But we can not get back the time wasted on this process (i-e buying the book, searching for any secrets in the book, taking steps to get back the money)

Note: Please don't take my reply personally. I wanted to spread an awareness about "money making secrets" scams. Actually I am very much impressed with your profile, and I believe you will be the role model for most of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

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