Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What happened to Google Voice Search?

Today, I have noticed that Google Voice Search feature is missing from

It seems Google had temporarily removed this feature. Let me know if anyone still see this feature.

The microphone symbol inside the Google Search box is NOT getting displayed now.

Note that recently Google had removed real time search feature as the contract with Twitter ends. And, it seems the Realtime search will be coming back with Google+ updates.

But I am not sure why Google voice is missing now. If you know any details, you can share it thro' the comments.


I came to know that Google voice search still available for few other people.

Version of the Chrome browser which shows Google voice Search is 12.x whereas Chrome version 13.x is NOT showing Google Voice Search on

I am NOT sure whether it is purely depends on Chrome version. This is just my initial observation.

And, we have tried by both signing into Google Account and without signining in.  It behaves similarly in both cases.

Any clues?

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0v34c10ck said...

There were complaints that it felt invasive, almost a security risk for a website to get your mic input without asking your permission. They may have given in to these complaints and have removed the feature. Instead, google voice is now a plugin as it should not be installed into Chrome by default:

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