Friday, July 8, 2011

Some thoughts on StumbleUpon Traffic

Recently, Our website has started getting lot of traffic from Stumbleupon.

I have noticed an unique advantage of Stumbleupon traffic comparing to other Social media sites.

For example, when I submitted an interesting page link of in it started getting huge traffic. But within few minutes our site went down as the traffic had come suddenly once the link reached the Hot section of the reddit. So, the site didn't get any benefit even if the link is able to reach Hot section.

But the stumbleupon traffic is distributed evenly. People are continuously coming from Stumbleupon while keeping the server stable.

And, unlike Reddit I believe the traffic will be coming for long days as lot of Stumblers "Like" that page.

Are you able to guess about the page which is getting huge traffic from Stumbleupon? I can give a clue. This is a Poem written by a Nobel prize winner (No, It is NOT Obama)

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