Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do you want to invest in Websites?

In my previous Post, I had mentioned that many of our newly developed websites got Google Page Rank.

Now, I am planning to start selling few of our websites.

Today I had listed one of our Sites "" in Flippa.

If you are interested in buying this site you can join in this Flippa Auction.

This site will come under AutoBlogs category. i-e The site owner need NOT do any work for maintaining the site. The site will get the content automatically from various RSS feeds. The site owner can get income from various ways (e.g Adsense, amazon affiliates). And, if the site owner plans to spend some time for maintaining the site, he can earn more money from additional ways such as allowing paid posts and paid links.

So, buying this kind of Websites can be considered as a good Investment. Anyway, there are thousands of Autoblogs are available. Since creating Autoblog is very simple, everyone will be doing it. All the Autoblog sites won't earn. We need to take care while investing in this kind of sites.

We are developing our sites SEO friendly, and our SEO Team is doing proper SEO promotion in WhiteHat ways. Since we have lot of sites/blogs, are cross promoting the sites to gain good search rank. And, our own SEO Tools and Social media Tools are helping to promote the sites easily.

Flippa listing fees and Success Fees are relatively high.

So, I am planning to focus on selling our websites by advertising them to our Blog readers and our Social media followers, so that we can save the Flippa Fees. And therefore we can reduce the website price.

You can start bidding this Flippa Auction.

And, our buying our other websites, you can send me( the Offer price. Remember to specify the website name.

What do you think about doing investment in Websites?

Do you believe that Websites investments will give more returns than any other investments such as real estate, banking and stock market investments?

What are the risks you see in website investments?

You can share your thoughts thro' the comments. is For Sale on Flippa!

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