Monday, July 11, 2011

iPhone News website Sales is going to end soon...

In my previous post, I had explained about the Websites sales.

iPhone news Site sales auction is going on in Flippa. If you are interested in buying iPhone news website, you can join in this Flippa Auction.

This Autoblog Auction will end within one day.

So, if you are not able to win this Auction, you can check our other Developed Websites

We used to develop our website SEO friendly.

For example, our one week old site "" started getting search traffic.

And, our Christmas site has started appearing in First Page of Yahoo search result for the high search volume and high competition keyword "Christmas".

If you are interested to buy any of our websites, you can contact me with your offer price.

You can participate in this DigitalPoint Acution  if you have plans to start your own online business similar to Hootsuite.

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