Friday, July 22, 2011

The Groupon for solar power

We have seen "Groupon" for the things like restaurant deals or haircuts.

Now, a start-up company "One Block Off the Grid" has taken initiative to provide "Groupon" for Solar power also.

The One Block finds various locations where the contractors install Solar power system for home. And, they shortlist the Contractors based on whether they will be giving discounts to the customers if "One Block" is able to bring certain number of Customers.

Once the contractor agrees, the deal is posted on One Block's web site. Potential customers then sign up to have the contractor come over and offer an estimate. The "deal" will take place, if enough people agree to buy the panels. The discount is usually in the range of 15%, plus a $500 rebate.
They are currently running deals in about a third of the 3,000-plus counties in U.S. Note that some counties provide discount for Solar products while some of them are not providing those discounts.

The "One Block" provides an estimator. We can give our address, current electric bill details and some other details (e.g whether the roof has slope or it is steep) to get the detailed report giving details about cost saving done by implementing Solar panels. The report gives information such as "Estimated Cost of Your Solar System", "Estimated Return on Investment", "How your system will help the environment", etc.

If estimation result for your address is not giving enough returns, then this site will suggest you to contact the officials to get discount for Solar power in your area.

What do you think about this "Groupon" for the Solar power?
Will customers sign up online for expensive and sometimes complicated items?

You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Continuing Education Contractor said...

I always like to think about how my house will be. I really like the thought of having a solar powered house. Helping the environment reduce emissions and make a green surroundings.

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