Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kashmir and Arunachal pradesh are getting displayed as disputed area in Google Analytics India Map

Today I came to know that Google is still showing Kashmir as disputed area in Google Analytics Map.

And, even Aruchalpradesh is also getting shown as disputed area in Google Analytics Map.

I am NOT sure on what basis Google has decided to show Jammu Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as disputed area while both of them are fully controlled by India.

Many people criticized Google's this behaviour as this kind of activities may create Tension in Asia as China is claiming Arunachal pradesh and Pakistan is claiming part of Kashmir.

And, even when Google is showing Kashmir as disputed Area, the traffic come from Jammu Kashmir is combined with India only.

After noticing this issue, I did some Google search , and I came to know that Google is showing three different faces.

India version of Google Maps is showing "Arunachal Pradesh" as part of India, US version of Google Maps is showing "Arunachal Pradesh" as separate area, and China version of Google map is showing "Arunachal pradesh" as part of China.

I am wondering why India Government and Defense are NOT able to force the Google to show the correct Map. You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Saru Singhal said...

All business I guess, using it for their benefit. China has the guts to take action(their Facebook ban) but India can't do anything.

Anonymous said...

why you cannot swallow the fact that kashmir is a disputed is a bitter truth that kashmir as a dispute is registered in UN and all other countries treat it like that.better to bear truth

penny said...

can we not have protests against this error..and why the hell..on what basis does the US Goggle map showarunachal pradesh as a separate part???
pls guide mefor the same..

Unknown said...

This is high time Indian governament should act and send them a strong stand and even rectify google

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