Monday, January 29, 2024

Ad Networks for Low Traffic Blogs

 I am actively looking for some adsense alternatives to monetize my blog and websites traffic. I just asked Bard to suggest some Ad works.

Find below its response. Is it reflecting the actual thing? share your comments.

Here are some ad networks suitable for low traffic blogs, along with their payment methods and schedules:

NetworkMinimum Traffic RequirementPayment MethodPayment ScheduleProsCons
InfolinksNonePayPal, ACH, wire transferNet 30 daysNo minimum traffic, diverse ad formats, good for beginner bloggersOutdated interface, lower CPMs compared to some others
Media.netNonePayPal, wire transferNet 30 daysContextual targeting, larger advertiser network, good alternative to AdSenseMore competitive approval process, stricter content policies
MonetagNonePayPal, wire transferNet 30 daysEasy approval, high CPMs, good for smaller blogsPrimarily pop-under ads, which can be intrusive for users
PropellerAdsNonePayPal, wire transferNet 30 daysHigh fill rates, various ad formats, accepts most content typesLower quality advertisers, potentially higher risk for redirects
SovrnNonePayPal, wire transferNet 30 daysFlexible ad formats, good for diverse content, decent CPMsCan be competitive for approval, lower fill rates compared to some

Additional Options:

  • PopAds: No minimum traffic, high CPMs, but intrusive pop-under ads.
  • RevenueHits: Different ad formats, good for smaller blogs, lower payouts.
  • Amazon Associates: Promote Amazon products, requires linking to specific products.

Important Notes:

  • These are just some examples, and many other ad networks exist. Research thoroughly before choosing one.
  • Minimum payout thresholds may apply, so consider the network's minimum and your traffic volume to ensure timely payments.
  • Payment schedules can vary, so factor this in when managing your cash flow.
  • CPMs (cost per mille), meaning earnings per 1,000 impressions, can vary greatly. Focus on networks with good CPMs relevant to your niche.
  • Always prioritize user experience. Avoid excessive or intrusive ads that harm user engagement.

Remember: Monetization success depends on various factors, including blog niche, content quality, and audience engagement. Experiment, track results, and choose networks that align with your goals and audience preferences.

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