Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch: The Meaning Behind My Book Title

A few weeks back, I released a book with title "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch"

Today when I just searched this book title on Google I noticed that Google is listing "Dream big move forward inch by inch meaning"  as a related search.  From this, I could understand that some people will be looking for the meaning of the book title. Though the meaning is obvious, I would like to explain it further in this blog post.

As you know, apart from emerging technologies, I'm passionate about motivation and helping people achieve their goals. This book is a collection of my best motivational content, and I believe it can inspire anyone who is working towards their dreams.

The title of the book has two parts:

  • Dream Big: This is a common motivational phrase that encourages people to set ambitious goals and not limit themselves. I believe that it's important to have big dreams, because they give us something to strive for. When we have big dreams, we're more likely to take action and make progress.

  • Move Forward Inch by Inch: This part emphasizes the importance of taking small, consistent steps towards your goals, even when they seem too big or distant. It's easy to get discouraged when we're working towards a big goal, but it's important to remember that progress is made up of small steps. If we keep taking those steps, eventually we'll reach our destination.

I chose the phrase "inch by inch" instead of "step by step" for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to make the title more unique and memorable. Second, I think the word "inch" better captures the idea of slow and steady progress. When we're moving inch by inch, we're not looking for quick fixes or shortcuts. We're committed to putting in the hard work, day after day, until we reach our goals. Moreover, this title resonates with Al Pachino's inspiring speech from the movie "Any Given Sunday".

I believe that the title "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch" is a powerful message that can inspire anyone who is working towards their dreams. It's a reminder that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, if we're willing to put in the work and never give up.

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