Friday, January 19, 2024

AI Insights into the Bible: A Conversation with ChatGPT and Bard

A few years back I released an Android app for showing bible quotes.  Many people are showing interest in downloading this app and it is getting good reviews and ratings. But it is a very very simple app. So, long back I explored adding new features to this app. One option I explored was, adding a chatbot feature for answering any questions related to the Bible. I came to know that it was a bit difficult task at that time. So, I dropped that plan. 

A few weeks back I released a book about chatGPT and Bard. Currently, I am exploring various ways to promote that book. To talk about the usage of these AI tools, I decided to use them to get insights into the Bible which is globally known. While doing that, I was surprised by the quality output provided by Bard and chatGPT which were giving misinformation/inaccurate information a few weeks back. But still, I am not sure whether they provided the correct information though they are looking correct. So, I decided to document their responses as a book so that people can point out if there are any mistakes in the output provided by AI tools. 

And, therefore I published the Book "AI Insights into the Bible: A Conversation with ChatGPT and Bard". I created this book within a few hours as I did a lot of groundwork when I was looking for new features for my Bible Quotes App.

You can buy this ebook from here.

It is available on Amazon also.

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Share your review comments about the book, and share your feedback about the quality of the output provided by the AI tools.

You can buy this ebook from here.

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