Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Selling ebooks and software through Gumroad

For the past few weeks, I have been spending significant effort in finding adsense alternatives for monetizing my blog and websites. I explored and tested various ad-networks such as adsterra, popads, monetag, etc. I removed them immediately as most of the ads are not good to the users.  And, I applied for many ad networks (ezoic, infolinks, etc) which rejected my sites.

I did a lot of Google searches and chatted with chatGPT/Bard to find a suitable ad network. I spent significant time and effort on this purpose. But finally, I realized that promoting my own products would be better than showing other people's ads. So, today I shifted my focus toward promoting my own products.

It is true that showing ads is easy compared to selling our own products. I understand that I need to work hard to sell my own products. But I believe it will be good in the long run. So, instead of spending my time searching for a good ad network, I decided to put my efforts into creating my own products and selling them in various ways. Though product sales will be my high-priority task, I will be still looking for good ad networks by putting in a little effort. Because ads provided by ad networks can cover various audiences from various countries. But my own products will be for a limited set of audiences in a few countries only.

Apart from selling my ebooks  from my blog and Amazon, I decided to start selling them through various other channels. 

 I created a payment page on Instamojo  so that people in India can buy my ebooks using various payment methods. You can get a %50 discount by using the Discount code "QPT" there.

And, I listed my ebooks and timesheet software on  Gumroad also. 

You can check them at  https://rajamanickam.gumroad.com/

Gumroad provides an option to share the product sales income with affiliates. I set a %50 commission for each product. If you are interested in earning money by promoting ebooks and timesheet software, submit this simple form https://rajamanickam.gumroad.com/affiliates

Gumroad will be taking care of affiliate payments. So, be familiar with Gumroad terms and conditions before putting efforts into promoting my products.

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