Monday, July 11, 2011

Anyone want Google+ invites?

 Few weeks back, Google had released its Social Networking site Gogole +  as a Facebook rival.

I came to know that still many people didn't get Google+ feature for their Google Account.

If you are the one still looking for Google+ invite, you can contact me to get the Google+ invite.

Note that I am in India timezone (IST GMT+5:30) . So, for the requests received during our night time, I will be sending the invites next day morning only.

I am NOT sure whether I can give any number of invites or Google will limit the invite count.

Right now, it is not showing any limitation. I will update here if my invite count reach the maximum limit.

Update on July 12th.
Today I am NOT seeing the invite sending link in Google+. So, I can not send the invite till Google allows further invites.
Update July 13th
Today I am able to send the Google+ invites again.

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Saurav Modak said...

I personally didnt like Google+ for many things such as terrible style of news feed, the way it handles users etc, more can be found here

Bad features of Google+

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