Friday, February 11, 2011

ArtsPoint.Net updates - Added Music and Movie Quiz questions and Answers

We have published Quiz Questions and Answers for below topics in ArtsPoint.Net. You can attend these Quiz to test your knowledge in Music.

And, latest Music News will be automatically submitted to Social Bookmarking and will be tweeted automatically to @ArtsPoint

Find below the information about this portal ArtsPoint.Net. estimation for the Domain name "ArtsPoint.Net" alone is $180 USD.

As of today, Google has indexed 797 pages ( and Yahoo is showing 282 InLinks (BackLinks). @ArtsPoint is having 207 followers. And, Google is showing this site in first page for the search word "social networking sites for artist" which is key thing for the further development of this site. And, it is having more than 55 manually published blog posts. And, it is having all required videos for explaining the functionality to the users.

Note that all these things are achieved within two months time without doing any PPC campaign. So, you can judge the potential for the growth of this site.

You can see more details about this site here.

 So, if you are interested to buy this website including domain name, you can send your offer/bid price to me ( Or, you can bid on the listing in digitalpoint forum.

BIN (Buy It Now) price of this website is $350 USD only. If anyone buy this site using BIN price within Wednesday (16th February), I will be giving the Twitter account @GlobalTechNews as Bonus in addition to the @ArtsPoint . As of now this Twitter account @GlobalTechNews is having more than 2.7K followers and  its tweets are fully automated to get more followers continuously.

Note that this website is having huge earning potential. Since we are working on developing lot of other websites (e.g, TwitterTools.Biz,, etc), I am going to close this sales soon. That's why I am offering this much low price ($350 USD). So, don't wait for till Wednesday if you want to own Buy it now before someone else use this opportunity.

We will be doing all support to smoothly move the website and domain into your server.
And, we can do any custom enhancements at affordable price.

For running this site, you need not have technical knowledge. Because most of things are automated or user controlled. But if the buyer spend some time to add more blog posts and Forum moderation, and promote live music events listing, he can see the fast growth of this site. It is having lot of revenue earning options such as adSense ads, Amazon affiliates and premium services.

As everyone knows, Music niche is having unlimited potential.

 Let me know if you have any question about ArtsPoint.Net Sales.

Updates on Feb 14
ArtsPoint.Net sales is closed. You may refer our latest sales of new websites.

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