Friday, February 4, 2011

Working on to bring back our websites

All our websites  (,,, etc) are not loading today.

I have created ticket with our hosting (byet host) to solve this issue. But, till now I haven't got any response from them. I will update the progress in few hours.

It looks like their service and support are not suitable for our needs. I am not sure whether they will be able to support us even if we upgrade to some other scheme. (Because, currently we are using everything (e.g bandwidth)within their limits only.)

So, I am planning to change the hosting. Since I am currently using Godaddy for registering domains, I prefer to get hosting from Godaddy itself. I would like to know the review comments about Godaddy hosting service and support.

I had gone thro' many discussions about Godaddy. Most of the people are saying that Godaddy is good for domain registration but not for hosting. Is it True?

If you are using Godaddy, you can share your experience thro' the comments. Will changing hosting make any impact in terms of SEO?

I am considering  "hostagator" also. If you are using hostagator for long time, you can share your experience.

And, I would like to know the impact of this downtime on Search engines such as Google. Whether Google will remove the indexing of the websites which are down for more than 10 hours?

We had moved our websites to Host Gator hosting server. I believe the new hosting will provide more uptime (~99.9%).

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