Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google Social Media integration has started driving Traffic.

Few Days back Google has started showing  Social search along with regular search results. Previously it used to show the Social Search results at bottom of the search results page.

Apart from mixing the Social search results with regular results, Google has added few more features also.

It will show the stuff shared by your friends with notes about your friends sharing details and it will your friends photo also.

And, Google has provided more control about sharing.  A new setting enables you to choose whether or not to show your connected accounts publicly on your Google profile

These latest changes in Google search drives more traffic to our blog. I can say that the additional traffic is more this new feature as the live traffic stats are showing search keywords which are not already associated with our blog.

So, I understand that the importance of Social Media will be increased further due to these changes. In other words, the gap between  SEO and Social Media optimization is getting reduced. So, I am planning to develop our Twitter Tools further by keeping this fact in mind.

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