Saturday, February 26, 2011

Use cURL if Wget is not allowed in your hosting

Recently we have sold our website. This site uses a cron job for automatically showing latest news about Music in the bookmarking module.

In our hosting server, we use wget command in cron job for doing this thing.

But, the news was not updated once we move the code to the buyer's server.

During our debugging, we came to know that his server shows "permission denied" error message when the cronjob uses wget command.

After doing little search in Google, I came to know that we can use the cURL instead of wget

i-e we need to add below line in cronjob.

curl --silent --compressed http://yourpage

So, it seems many web hosting companies are allowing curl while blocking wget command.

If you want to use wget, you can choose the hosting which supports these commands. For example, Host Gator is the appropriate hosting which is flexible as well as secured.

And, you can see Discount Coupon code for Host Gator at the end of my previous blog post.

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