Thursday, February 10, 2011

Problems Faced With Windows 7 And How To Tweak Them

Windows 7 is one of the most appealing OS among a gamut of other OS which compete with each other to sneak in to customer’s hearts.

Why is it popular? The reason is simple; the OS keeps the system agile and gives a rich look to your screen and a palatable range of applications which are user-friendly, with innovative graphics. Moreover the cool add-ons contribute to the appealing nature of the windows 7 and enhance their value when compared to the other operating systems available.
Windows 7 Tweaks: A Comprehensive Guide on Customizing, Increasing Performance, and Securing Microsoft Windows 7Even the best of products have their own deficiencies and Windows 7 is no exception. Even though it has the best performance in its class with an all round effort from appearance to functioning of various programs, yet the temporary files and viruses signal an impending danger to the system. These problems if left unnoticed can lead to crash of the OS, and all your files which have been saved painfully would vanish in a moment; worst, in many cases they may become irrecoverable. If it is a home computer then it is not a big problem but if the system is used for official purposes containing all the important documents and records with all their digital signatures imprinted on them then the damage would be a beyond limits. If you don’t want such a mishap to happen then go in for windows 7 tweaks, simple measures which will keep the system operations in check and viruses at bay.
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Anti-virus softwares do eliminate the viruses but some malicious software somehow finds an entry in to the system by-passing these softwares cleverly and finishes their work neatly. This all can potentially lead to a system crash or sometimes will transport all your personal and confidential files to your adversary or a vicious person.  Some people purposely send such viruses to obtain your confidential passwords and then sweep your bank balance clean. By the time you are wondering how the money was swindled, the person would have spent it. It is our responsibility to keep our hard earned money safe and secure, and there is no use grudging about your ill-fate or pelting stones at the bank because they are innocent and the mistakes belongs to you.

Windows 7 Inside OutWindows 7 tweaks can be performed by software that are specially designed for optimising the performance of the operating system from the base to top. Viruses are mercilessly destroyed and even the phishing mails can be identified by such software, which are specialised in attacking all kinds of viruses, be it Trojan or any other deadly viruses of its kind. Installing such an application will keep your computer and your OS safe from virus attacks and also makes available a lot of space for you by removing all the temporary files which get piled up once in a while in the main drive of your system or even in the subordinate drives which form a part of the hard drive.

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