Friday, February 18, 2011

Twitter Tools for Business

Few days back, I had explained about unbelievable growth of Twitter in Business area.

Using Twitter Tools or applications is an effective way of doing Twitter Marketing.

We are developing an website TwitterTools.Biz for providing Twitter Tools useful for promoting any Business. It is set-up with our Twitter Tools scripts.

 I welcome any suggestions for improving it further.

And, you can join in this Auction if you want to own the TwitterTools.Biz site.

This web site is installed with many of our Twitter Tools such as MultiPost, AutoTweet, AutoTrends, and Stats.

Apart from these Twitter Tools, we had set-up our traffic generating scripts such as Quiz and memory Game. And, our Social Bookmarking script is setup such that it will get latest social Media news automatically and the news will be tweeted to @TweetToolsBiz.
The Social Bookmarking is integrated with a discussion Forum. Wordpress blog is setup with all required plug-in and with unique theme/design.

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