Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Google has announced "OnePass" , a subscription service for Publishers

Google has announced about "OnePass" , a micro-payment subscription service for Content Publishers.

This  service will allow the  publishers set their own prices and terms for their digital content.

Readers who purchase from a One Pass publisher can access their content on tablets, smartphones and websites using a single sign-on with an email and password.

Google Official blog says,

With Google One Pass, publishers can customize how and when they charge for content while experimenting with different models to see what works best for them—offering subscriptions, metered access, "freemium" content or even single articles for sale from their websites or mobile apps. The service also lets publishers give existing print subscribers free (or discounted) access to digital content. We take care of the rest, including payments technology handled via Google Checkout.

Google has made this announcement after Apple had announced their subscription plan.

Rather than the 30% cut that Apple will take with its new subscription plan, it appears as though Google is simply asking for the normal service charges associated with billing via Google Checkout (a 2% fee)

Since there will be a good possibility for getting huge search voluem about Google One Pass in coming days, I have registered related domains OnePass.Biz and GoogleOnePass.Info. I may either sell it as Domain or will develop website on it.

Outgoing Google CEO Eric Schmidt said One Pass will initially be available to publishers in the UK, US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, with a plan to expand further in the future.

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