Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Twitter Apps get option for bulk uploading Twitter Accounts and Tweets

As mentioned in my previous posts, the role of Social Media especially Twitter in Business Area is becoming very important.

So, we are taking lot of initiatives to develops Tools which are useful for the Business.

As part of this effort, we have added new features to our Twitter Applications.

Now, you can use bulk uploading option to add many Twitter Accounts easily. And, Tweets for the AutoTweet module can also be added very easily using the bulk upload option.

You can see the "Bulk uploading is" menu for adding Twitter accounts from csv file.

And, You can see the "Bulk uploading tweets" menu in AutoTweet module of our Twitter Applications.

You can freely use all these features in our website. If you want have everything in our server, you buy the script by paying $125 USD.

As a special Offer you can buy all our Twitter Tools scripts just by making $60 USD Today (Feb 22) or Tomorrow (Feb 23).

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