Saturday, February 26, 2011

Page Rank Checker to sort the Pages based on PR

As specified in my previous posts, we are working hard to release lot of Tools useful for doing SEO and social media marketing.

As part of this effort, today we have released initial version of Page Rank checking script for sorting the pages in a Domain based on Page Rank.

This script will take the domain name as input and will get all the pages of the domain from Google. And, then it will get Google Page rank for all the pages.

The pages will be sorted according to their Google Page Rank and the sorted results will be displayed in descending order.

This script will be very useful for identifying the high page rank pages easily.

Since the script needs to send request to Google for doing this task, the demo will take only 3 Google pages (i-e 30 pages).

If you want full details, you can buy this script just by paying $5 USD (This is Introductory Offer only. I will increase price at any time.)

And, I am planning to host the full version in our server also. In this case you need to buy access code from me by making subscription payment. I will give more details about this plan later.

And, we are planning to improve it further by releasing new features (e.g showing count of pages in each Page Rank, and showing the list of pages in particular PageRank on clicking that Count number)

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