Thursday, April 14, 2011

AdSense Optimization for this blog

This blog is getting lot of traffic and it is getting increased daily.. Most of the traffic is coming from Search Engines especially from Google.

Even if this blog gets Good amount of traffic, AdSense revenue is low as the CTR is very less. Normally CTR will be low if the traffic is a non-targetted traffic from social media sites. But this site is getting targeted traffic from search engines.

And, CPC of  adSense in this blog is in satisfactory level. So, the only way to increase the eCPM is to increase the CTR.

So, I thought of optimizing  the ad placement of adSense Ads so as to increase the CTR.

Last few days I am doing detailed analysis about adSense optimization.  I have gone thro' various sites which are successful with adSense revenue. And, I referred the sites which are sold at good rate in various website marketing places such as digitalpoint Forum and Flippa.

It seems everyone is using different approach. It seems the ad placement which works for few sites may not work for other few sites.

We need find the best ad placement only by doing trial and error approach. So, I had rearranged the Ads differently in this blog and continuously monitoring the CTR, CPC and eCPM to find the optimized ad placement.

The current ad placement looks good for me as it increases visibility of AdSense ads without irritating the users. Anyway, I am not going to finalize the ad placement without getting good metrics from the AdSense Report. Let us see how the test results are coming up.

You may add your comments about this ad placement.

If you are interested to show advertisements in this blog using Google AdWords you can refer the Google Adplanner Reports.

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