Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Free Classifieds becomes SEO friendly.

In my previous post, I had explained about the Free Classifieds for buying or selling iPhone and iphone related products.

We use AWPCP Wordpress plug-in for showing and managing the free classified ads. This plug-in is having an option to use SEO friendly URLs.

Initially it showed error when I enabled SEO mode in this plug-in. This error appeared continuously even when I tried various settings available in the plug-in

So, turned off of the SEO mode.

Today, we solved this error by changing the value for "Home" in the wp_options table. I couldn't understand the relation between this change and the plug-in behaviour. Anyway, after removing the "index.php" in the Home value, the error in SEO mode of AWCP plug-in disappeared. So, now I turned on the SEO mode.

So, I believe many people will start seeing the classifieds Ads by searching from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You can start using this Free Classifieds. Read this article "Overview of Classfied Ads" if you want details about this free classifieds.

Even you can promote your blog or website related to iphone related stuff using this free classifieds site.

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