Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Released Wordpress Plug-in for finding Keyword postion in search engines

As specified in my previous post, we are continuously working on to enhance our Keyword position Finding script.

Now we have added few new features.

- Added an option to choose either "API" or "screen scrapping" for getting the search engine keyword position. Each option is having its own advantages. "Screen scrapping" will allow you find position without any maximum limit. And, the "API" can be used if any of the search engine imposes restriction on request from your IP address.

- We released this tool as wordpress plug-in also. This plug-in version will allow the registered users to save the details (i-e URL, keywords,search engine selection), and they can load any already saved details easily . They can store multiple set of details. This feature will save lot of time for the SEO executives.

You can freely use this plug-in in our site here. You can buy this script from here. And, contact me if you want to buy the plug-in version.

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