Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free Classifieds Ads for buying and selling iPhone related products.

Few months back, we have launched a website for showing latest news about smart phones especially about Verizon iphones.

Surprisingly, this site started getting lot of visitors from search engines especially from Google.

Google Analytics shows that everyone is coming to this site by searching something related to iPhone.

So, I thought of effectively utilizing this Targeted Traffic. And therefore, we added classifieds feature to this site.

You can see more details about using this Classifieds here. You can freely show the Ads for 10 days. If you want to show it for 30 days, you can choose paid option.

And, placing you classifieds Ads is very simple and you can easily edit it at any time using access key.

You can use the "General" category to advertise your blogs and other products also.

Since I am planning to advertise this classifieds feature in all our websites and blogs, I think it will get some more traffic also.

So, you can start placing your Ads freely here

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