Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Questions for the

Few months back, I had published a detailed analysis report about the which is a freelance website.

The has published the arbitration details in their website after removing  some part of the discussion. i-e They published the arbitration partially after removing the important discussions which affect their stand.

i-e is trying to give the partial information to misguide the readers.
So, I am thinking whether I need to post the unedited version of the discussions and arbitration details in this blog. Since they closed my account, I couldn't get the details. But I can get it from my email as used to send copy of discussions to the email id. Anyway, it will take more time for me to collect all those mails and prepare the post. I will do it later when I have time and  if it is really required to do it.

As of now, I have asked below questions to the Founder Ian Ippolito.

1. Why the workers should use Escrow of whereas is asking the workers to refund the money released from Escrow?
2. Why both Employees and Employers should waste their time on arbitration which is completely useless for anyone (Refer for the proof gathered from many resources)
3. Why people should pay more fees (15%) whereas other freelance sites are allowing low fees?
4. Why people should waste their time in using affiliate system of which will close the account as the outcome of meaningless and time wasting arbitration?
5. Why people should take unnecessary risks for getting displayed their private conversation on blog publicly?
6. Why you want to have rating system which is unreliable? (For example, I had good ratings for around 100 projects, but still my account got closed. How the employers can believe me based on my ratings ?)
7. Why Employers should waste their time and energy spent on developing their ideas to their competitors, as the frustrated unpaid employees will obviously work on similar project for the competitors?

So, ultimately the people (both employers and workers) are NOT having any other benefit from vworker other than just using as market place. Instead, it is creating lot of risks and wasting everyone’s time unnecessarily. So, they can easily use other lot of available good market places (e.g digitalpoint forum, sitepoint forum,) freely with more freedom instead of believing failed escrow system of

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