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Google Shows an excellent animated Doodle for Earth Day, and freebies for Earth Day.

Today Google is showing  an excellent animated Doodle for celebrating 41st anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment.

Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970.

Guardian has described this Doodle as below.

The interactive scene features two pandas, one of which shocks the other with a sneeze when you place your mouse on it, a nod to this YouTube video. Other animated features include a fish swimming up a waterfall, only to be snatched up in the jaws of a bear, a koala climbing up and down a eucalyptus tree and a penguin leaping off an iceberg

Many companies and organizations are giving freebies to raise public awareness about the Earth Day.

StarBucks is giving free coffee or Tea today in United States and Canada for the people who bring reusable Mug or Tumbler.

Caribou Coffee is also giving away a free cup of their coffee to visitors who bring their on mug to participating locations

Disney Store locations are giving away a free reusable Mickey Mouse tote bag to customers in exchange for five plastic shopping bags.

Admission to all 394 U.S. national parks is 100 percent FREE on Earth Day!
Anthropologie is offering free Earth Day craft workshops for kids.

EVOS is offering customers free organic milkshakes to honor Earth Day.

If you know  any other Earth Day offers, you can share it thro' the comments.

Find below some Earth Day Slogans. If you know any good slogan you can share it thro' the comments section.

It’s the only Earth we got
Join the race to make the world a better place
Protect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow
May the Forest be with you
Keep your Earth Clean and Green
Nurture Nature
It’s our world, take care of it
What on Earth are you doing for Earth Day?
A good planet is hard to find
Dare to be a force of Nature
Save energy to save our planet

Think green
Earth Day is a reminder about the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. Most importantly, it reminds us that we can a make a difference when it comes to our planet.

The Earth Day Network reports more than 1 billion people participate annually in Earth Day activities, making it the largest civic observance in the world. The Earth Day Network works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to spread its green message.

This year’s theme is “A Billion Acts of Green” and the goal is to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before the global Earth Summit 2012 in Rio. Submit your act of green at and you can pledge any others Acts.

Solar power takes important role is creating Green Energy while providing clean environment.

And, Google is investing more in Solar related projects,as it believes there will be a bright future for Solar power.

And, Kalam-NSS initiative is taken to get electric power from Space Solar power also.

Watch below the inspiring video about Earth Day.

Find below the presidential proclamation from US president Barack Obama.
For over 40 years, our Nation has come together on Earth Day to appreciate and raise awareness about our environment, natural heritage, and the resources upon which generations of Americans have depended.

Healthy land and clean water and air are essential to the health of our communities and wildlife. Earth Day is an opportunity to renew America's commitment to preserving and protecting the state of our environment through community service and responsible stewardship.

From the purity of the air we breathe and the water we drink to the condition of the land where we live, work, and play, the vitality of our natural resources has a profound influence on the well-being of our families and the strength of our economy.

Our Nation has a proud conservation tradition, which includes countless individuals who have worked to safeguard our natural legacy and ensure our children can benefit from these resources. Looking to the future of our planet, American leadership will continue to be pivotal as we confront the environmental challenges that threaten the health of both our country and the globe.

Today, our world faces the major global environmental challenge of a changing climate. Our entire planet must address this problem because no nation, however large or small, wealthy or poor, can escape the impact of climate change.

The United States can be a leader in reducing the dangerous pollution that causes global warming and can propel these advances by investing in the clean energy technologies, markets, and practices that will empower us to win the future.

While our changing climate requires international leadership, global action on clean energy and climate change must be joined with local action. Every American deserves the cleanest air, the safest water, and unpolluted land, and each person can take steps to protect those precious resources.

When we reduce environmental hazards, especially in our most overburdened and polluted cities and neighborhoods, we prioritize the health of our families, and move towards building the clean energy economy of the 21st century.

To meet this responsibility, Federal and local programs will continue to ensure our Nation's clean air and water laws are effective, that our communities are protected from contaminated sites and other pollution, and that our children are safe from chemicals, toxins, and other environmental threats.

Partnerships and community-driven strategies, like those highlighted by the America's Great Outdoors Initiative, are vital to building a future where children have access to outdoor places close to their homes; where our efforts to leave rural working lands and waters are conserved and restored; and our parks, forests, waters, and other natural areas are protected for future generations.

On Earth Day, we recognize the role that each of us can play in preserving our natural heritage. To protect our environment, keep our communities healthy, and help develop the economy of the future, I encourage all Americans to visit www.WhiteHouse.Gov/EarthDay to learn ways to protect and preserve our environment for centuries to come.


I have just noticed that Google is showing this animated Doodle by combining many images. Find below some of them.

And, I had recorded as video also so that it can be viewed by people who are not able to see it in Google Home page.

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