Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enhancements of Twitter Tools for Business

The TwitterTools.Biz site is setup with latest version of of Twitter Tools Script.

You can read the below help files to know the details about enhancements done in the TwitterTools.Biz.

Twitter Application Overview
Twitter Application Great Quotes
Twitter Application -Timeline

In brief, TwitterTools.Biz can be used freely to manage multiple Twitter Accounts easily for getting targeted traffic to your web page.

Switching between multiple accounts can be done easily. And, the Multipost feature helps to send tweets to multiple accounts without requiring any account switching.

You can share your feedback about these enhancements and you can share your suggestions for any further enhancements.


TwitterTools.Biz is available for sales. You can participate in the Flippa Auction if you are interested to own this site.

TwitterTools.Biz is For Sale on Flippa!

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sarkari jobs said...

Nice Post ! Thanks for sharing

Twitter Tools said...

Twitter is now became a daily business spot.

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