Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monitor your SEO firm's activities to prevent Black Hat SEO

Recently Google has penalized  American department store giant JCPenny which  used PaidLink , a BlackHat approach for ranking better in Search results.

JCPenny is saying that BlackHat SEO was done by its SEO managing firm. Anyway, now JCPenny only is facing difficulty as Google has reduced the Search rank for the JCPenny website.

So, this incident gives some suggestions/warnings for the people who outsource their SEO  activities to external SEO firms.

If you are outsourcing your SEO work, you need to ask below questions to your SEO firm to make sure that they are following only white hat approaches.

  • Can you show me examples of past work?
  • What linking strategies would you use to increase link popularity for our website?
  • Do you buy links that pass PageRank?
  • What’s the most aggressive tactic you use?
  • Anything violate Google’s guidelines?
  • are we doing what could be considered black hat?

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SEO reseller said...

Black Hat SEO technique is a big no-no in SEO. Although some of these tricks work, getting penalized by Google and other search engines is very high.

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nice post

MakeRank said...

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Seo In Chennai said...

Black hat techniques will be work for short time only

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