Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Management Guidelines

"You May Delay But Time Will Not"

What is Time management?

"Time Management is an art of allocating or Budgeting our time efficiently and utilizing it properly"
Time is the most important irreversible resource in this world.If we a master in utilizing our time properly surely we will be a successful person.


"Well Planned Is Half-Done". So Before doing any work we have to plan well. If we take time and plan well,  we can finish our work efficiently within the time.

Check List:

Preparing check list is a well known method for time management. Every day/weekly/monthly/yearly we have to prepare check list i-e what are all the tasks we have to do. Based on the check list we have to finish our tasks.


In market, so many time management softwares are available. Using that softwares we can do our work properly. For example if we are having a CRM or Time sheet it will be useful to know what are all the works we have completed, How much time we spent for a particular task. According to the software we can give every details and get report. So it will be very useful for time management.


It is an essential one for time management.We must first categorize our work.ie What is essential? What is less important?What is urgent?What is not urgent......Based on this categorization  if we do our work we can reach our goals quickly.Certain techniques are available for categorization.

1.ABC Analysis:

Our tasks are grouped into three categories.
A-Important and Urgent
B-Important not Urgent
C-Neither important nor urgent
After categorizing like this we have to do first group A after that B and C.

2.Pareto Analysis:

It is a 80:20 Rule.80% of results are achieved only 20% of effort.20% of work will consume 80% of time. So first we have to do what will give high results.

Don't post-pone:

Don't  postpone any work for future.If we start postpone our work it will become a habit.It will affect our daily work and collapse the entire system.So Never Post Pone.


Find out which will consume our time and utilize the time properly to achieve our Goals.

                                                            "Time is money".

This article is written by Angeline Rajamanickam.

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Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Time!!! My God a flying object!!! LOL
your presentation about its management is well said,
Thanks for finding time to present this serious matter in a very limited time,,, ha ha time is so precious, use it wisely.
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