Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steps taken to increase eBook Sales: 9$ Offer will end on May 25th for our eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation

Recently I have started selling my eBook about Software Testing and QTP automation using our own Sales page after seeing significant sales of Amazon Kindle version even when a Buyer has given a negative review comment about this book.

Update In 2024:  This ebook is now available at Gumroad and  Instamojo

Amazon will be taking a major share of the income from the book sales. So, I wanted to promote the direct sales of my ebook from our sales page.

And, I have set up an oscommerce shopping cart for these sales. However I prefer to use individual sales page than using the shopping cart to make the purchase process very easy.

Anyway, I will be using the shopping cart in the near future as I am planning to sell more digital products.

Since this is my first direct sales, I wanted to just start the sales first without caring about the price. So, I set the price as 5$ only as the Introductory offer price.

And, set the price as 9$ after a few days. Still keeping the same price (9$) even after I added new chapters to the eBook.

I am planning to end this 9$ offer on coming 25th (25th May, 2010).

So, if you buy this eBook before May 25th you can save a significant amount of money.

I am trying lot of different ways to increase the sales of our eBook and started getting the expected result. So I will be increasing the price equivalent to other Software Testing books. If you want to save Money you can buy this eBook now.

Update In 2024:  This ebook is now available at Gumroad and  Instamojo

Find below some of the ways I am trying to promote our eBook.

- I am daily sending link exchange request emails to the email ID collected from our own tool by giving keywords related to my ebook. It looks like this approach is giving significant benefits. Since many webpages started gathering Google PageRank and Good Alexa ranking people are positively sending replies for this link exchange request. And I hope this approach will bring a lot of organic traffic. (Now it self our page is appearing in 4th position for our important keyword "qtp ebook".)

This approach is giving additional advantage also. Some people are showing interest to buy links. i-e willing to pay money to put their link on our site. But I am bit hesitating to accept their offer, because I am not sure whether it will affect our search rank, I will accept it after doing more analysis.

- My ebook is about software testing and QTP automation. Daily, I answer software testing-related questions in forums such as sqaforums.com . And, I have added my ebook sales page link as forum signature.

-I have joined all software testing related groups on LinkedIn and participating in software testing related discussions and starting new discussions also.

- And, whenever I am reading any software testing related blogs, adding relevant comments with my required keywords in the link text.

-Collected RSS feeds from more than 60 software testing related websites and combining them using yahoo pipes and feeding it into twitter using cron job.

-Frequently tweeting the ebooks sales page link or any bridge page . I have developed one simple tool for sending tweet to all our twitter accounts with single click.

- I have collected some email ids of software testing experts and send them the free copy for my ebook for getting their review. (Anyway, this approach didn't give much benefit, many people are not ready to do the review by saying that they are busy with other work)

- Put by ebook sales page link in the description part in amazon kindle version. (I think it may do more harm than good. The reason is, the kindle version got one customer review with very negative manner, so it may affect my ebook sales.)

- Published most of the ebook content in Google knol which is gaining better search rank compared to our site/blog. And provided the ebook sales link in these knol pages.

- Our team used to submit my blog posts into most of the social bookmarking sites.

- And running Adword campaigns. Continuously adding more relevant keywords by using keyword tool built-in with the Adword. And trying to keep more keywords with good quality score so that the cpc becomes less while getting more clicks ( Anyway conversion tracking reveals that this adword campaigns didn't help to increase the ebook sales) ( I have tried with google hottrends keywords, it gave more impressions but less clicks, So I removed those hottrends keywords)

- published most of the ebook content in document sharing sites such scribd, slideshare.net and docstoc. And, put the ebooks sales page link there.

- Setup discussion forum for doing discussion about software testing (not yet started giving traffic) and completed an module "easy learning" which will be useful for improving memory while learning any topic such as Software Testing. As of now I have added content only for software testing, and planned to add more topics such as php/mysql web development and SEO.

- Running quiz with "Software Testing" as one quiz topic. And provided ebook sales page link there.

- And I am sending free ebook to a person who refers the ebooks sales page link to more than 50 people.

- Uploaded Data feed in Google Merchant Center for showing our eBook sales page link in Shopping part of the Google Search.

I am planning to start selling many Software applications soon, and mostly I will be setting very less price as introductory offer price for few days.

So, you can bookmark this blog for getting the updates about our coming products.

Update In 2024:  This ebook is now available at Gumroad and  Instamojo

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superb spamming in indiblogger.in keep it up :(

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We have submitted our blog posts only after going thro' the Guidlines from Indiblogger which allows submitting any number of blog posts.


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