Thursday, May 13, 2010

Benefits of contacting us for doing your web site and Software Projects

Effective usage of IT products especially Web Sites are very important for doing any type of business even if it is very small business.

As I explained in my previous post, people should come to our websites regularly so that we can make them our Customers.

Having good knowledge in handling software products will be useful to have proper communication with your site visitors a.k.a potential Customers.

For, example providing RSS feeds will help your readers to read your latest content even without visiting your website. And, you can show your expertise in your field just by providing your content with simple applications such as Quiz and easy learning.

Creating these applications won't cost you much. Because everything can be done using free open-sourced systems such as PHP and MySql.

Because of the open-source nature, lot of pre-built applications such as forum and gallery are available for free use.

So, only thing is you need a good developer for doing this for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

The best example is, we were able to get good Alexa ranking for our Social Bookmarking News site in very short time. We are able to achieve this by doing integrating bookmarking , News and Social Media. It was done by our Team by spending additional time apart from our regular customer projects. i-e Something similar to Google's 20% project.

What I am trying to say is, if you are having Good Team with proper planning you can achieve Great Things with small budget itself.

Now, I will explain why we are the appropriate choice for doing the software and web development activities.

1. The very first reason is, we are operating from India, which is obviously the best place for outsourcing IT projects. The reason is, India is having lot of skilled Engineering graduates with English knowledge, and cost of living is less.

2. We strongly believe in win-win approach, so we will be keeping you in winning path as we ourselves want the winning path to achieve our vision.

3. Since I am personally having good experience in Quality Assurance, I will be guiding our Team to deliver Quality products.

4. We want to keep long term relationship with our Customers, so we will be designing our coding so that the product will be scalable and can maintained with less effort in long run.

5. Since previously I worked in Investment Banking, I know the value of information security and the value of people's privacy. So, I can do my best to keep your confidential information as confidential irrespective of whether you request NDA or not.

6.We are taking steps to follow best practices in process and in development.

7.We are keeping lot of functions in our script library (e.g pagination, php Curl actions) so that we can easily implement them in your projects. It will help to reduce the bugs and effort, and it will ultimately reduce the cost.

8.We are having Good experience in both on-page and off-page SEO techniques. So it will help your website attract more visitors (i-e potential customers) without spending much for advertisement.

9. We can help you to get more out of your PPC (e.g AdWord) Campaign by adding more relevant keywords using different keyword ideas.

You can contact me for getting quotes for your project.

We will do our best to keep quality of the product while keeping your budget minimum.

You need not pay the full amount when starting the project itself. We can set up a payment schedule.

Even we have developed many products e.g Time Sheet and we are keeping it ready for sales. I will give the details in coming posts.

You can see some of our completed projects. Since these projects are done for our customers, we haven't provided complete details of the projects.

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