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Importance of having Time Sheet for start-up Companies

Recently we have created a sales page for selling our Web based Time sheet

Currently we set the price as 60$ $80 only. i-e Any number of employees in your company can use this time sheet for any number of years just by paying $60 $80. There is no user based license restrictions. It is introductory offer only. We may implement user based license and yearly license in future. Anyway, if you buy this timesheet during this Offer period, you need NOT make any additional payment at any time. i-e You can use it for any number of employees for any number of years.

From the Sales page you can immediately download the the php/mysql code/database once after completing the payment. You can see the Live Demo before buying it. Please let me ( know if you find any junk data added in the live Demo so that I can remove them.

And, you can easily set-up it by yourself by reading the readme file.

Anyway, our Team will help you to set-up the timesheet freely if you find any difficulty in doing it by yourself.

Find below the Key features of our Time Sheet.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Web Based application. Can access from anywhere in the world
  • Use php & mySql which are free and open-source
  • Daily Time Sheet Feature
  • Weekly Time Sheet Feature
  • Employee wise/Project wise/Datewise Time Report
  • Defaulter list
  • Backup Feature
  • Tracking for vacation/leave
  • Can add Unlimited Users. No user-based license
  • Provide Source Code
  • Free Setup/installation support
  • Continuous support and enhancement for reasonable cost
  • Assitance for hosting your Timesheet
  • For more details read this page
  • See Live Demo

Apart from this if you need any additional custom features and any new modules we can do it for you for minimum price. Contact me with your requirements to get the quotes.

Ok. Let me explain the story behind this TimeSheet and the need for the TimeSheet.

Tracking Employee work hours is important to measure the performance of the employee and for doing effective task allocation.

Combining Employee work hours with Project hours will help us to know which project is giving more benefit for us. And it will help us to put appropriate employee for the suitable project.

By using single Time Sheet we can track employee work hours and the project hours.
So, it can be used for Client billing purpose also.

By seeing previous projects we can easily estimate the upcoming project prices.
And similarly by seeing performance of the previous employees from timesheet we can hire suitable new employees.

Since I know the importance of TimeSheet, I wanted to implement it for our Employees when I started this Company in Year 2008.

First, I searched the internet to know whether any free Time Sheet Software is available. Merely doing Google search given a impression that lot of free Time Sheet Software were available. But after doing some analysis, I couldn't find any genuine free Time Sheet Software. There were many issues, short-comings and hidden charges were there even when they claimed as Free.

And, then we started enquiringly about paid Time Sheet /Project Management Software.

I came to know that pricing is very high. For example you can review the prices for some them here.

Especially we need to pay for them whenever a new employee joins with us, and we need to pay every year also.

This pricing is definitely not suitable for any small start-up company.

So, I wanted to develop our own TimeSheet Software, and we developed this php/mysql based TimeSheet. And we are using it for more than a year without any issue.

It really helps me to evaluate our Team performance and the project performance.

Only thing is we need to make sure every employee enters his work time properly. For monitoring this we have provided Defaulters list feature.

You need not have separate company or Team to use this TimeSheet. It will be useful even if you are doing freelance projects or doing your own projects. Basically it can give details about effectiveness of your projects even if you are the only person in your Team.

And, the projects need not be a Software project. It can be any type of work.

Now we can see the important question "Why I fixed very less price while the other equivalent products are selling mulitple folds of this price?"

The answer is simple " I believe in win-win approach".

Let me explain in detail. I know most of the start-ups will be started with small budget but with strong vision. And as we witnessed in the past years, significant number of these small budget stat-ups will be growing very rapidly into well known companies earning Millions/Billions of Dollars.

So, by setting small price for this TimeSheet application, I can attract these type of small budget start-ups to buy this. And, obviously this initial relationship will continue when they grow. So, we will be definitely getting good gain in long run. It will ultimately help us to achieve our Vision.

Anyway, we will either increase this $60 $80 price soon or will implement user based and/or year based limitation. Because I am expecting many people will start buying this TimeSheet. It may be difficult for our small Team to give support for every one. So, we will increase the price bit high (anyway it will be reasonable) if we face such situation.

For Example, when I started selling our eBook about Software Testing and QTP automation with 5$ price large number of people bought it in first few Days itself. It was difficult for me to address their queries. So I increased the price to 9$ soon.

So, if you want to make use of this $60  $80 offer you can buy it Now

And if you are interested in doing other projects you can contact me at

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And, Share your comments if you need TimeSheet and don't want to buy from us. Your comments will be useful to release our next version with more good features.

Watch below the video explaining the importance of TimeSheet.

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